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Greetings and Welcome to the homepage of my Fushigi Yugi Mailing List!

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What is the Theme of this Mailing List?
Basically it's what the title depicts, it's a mailing list for sharing and reading Fanfics that are centered around Miaka and another character besides Tamahome.

Why did I make this mailing list?
Well when I saw the first few episodes I fell in love with Hotohori, then later I met up with Tasuki and I checked the net for fanfics about them. I came across some fanfics with Miaka paired up with them and I fell in love. I've always been a fan of alternative pairings in anime fanfics. I just find that the "standard" couple of the anime fanfics tend to get repetitive. With an alternative pairing it's usually new. Also alternative pairing allows fans to read about things that didn't happen in the series.
Overall the MAIN reason why I made this list was I was sick of searching the net for Miaka alternative pairing fanfics, so here people will just send them to me, and then I can archive them for the next person like me =)

How do I join?
Very easily. Just go to the link below and on the right hand side you'll see a link "Join this group" or something of the like (it's near the top) You will have to get a yahoo account *groan* I know I hate how yahoo is taking everything and changing it, just hey that's life (I will have a anti-yahoo rant page up soon ^_^) and fill out the info and you'll get an email to verify you email addey. Then you're on the list!

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What sort of fanfics will be on the ML?
*sigh* this one is always hard to deal with. I will be allowing lemons (fanfics with sex in them) BUT I will soon have some email tags that you MUST include in your email. So emails that have sex and the such in them will be properly labled to warn you if you don't wish the read those type of stories. Most fanfics will have varied ratings, so I can't comment on that.

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Do you have a banner that I can put on my Homepage>
Yes I's the one seen at the top of this page. Just cut and paste the code below. More banners and badges will be coming soon once I get around to making more! =)

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